A Guide to Plus Size Boudoir Photos: Celebrating Diversity in Intimate Photography

Picture this: You’re at a photoshoot where you’re the shining star. You’re glowing with confidence, having fun, and looking gorgeous. This is what plus size boudoir photography is all about – celebrating you just as you are.

It’s not like any photoshoot you’ve seen before. It’s where you get to show off all the things that make you beautiful in your own unique way. We’ve seen so many women step in front of the camera and light up, finding a new love for every part of themselves.

Boudoir isn’t just about snapping some pretty pictures. It’s about taking a moment to  see yourself, maybe in a way you haven’t before, and saying, “Yeah, I’m amazing.”

So, why not give it a shot? Discover why so many are saying yes to this experience and loving every second of it.

Why Plus Size Boudoir Photography is More Than Just Pictures

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought, “Is that really me?” in the best way possible? That’s the magic of a great plus size boudoir photoshoot. It’s about more than just pretty pictures – it’s about capturing the real, stunning you. And when it comes to plus size boudoir, it’s all about showing that beauty doesn’t come in one standard size. It’s diverse, it’s real, and it’s time to shine.

It’s About Self-Love

First things first, let’s talk about loving yourself. We all have those days when we don’t feel our best. But imagine having a set of photos where you look absolutely fabulous. Photos that remind you, on any day, just how wonderful you are. That’s what these shoots can do. They’re a high-five to yourself, a reminder that you deserve to feel beautiful.

Confidence on Camera

Now, if you’re thinking, “I’ve never modeled before, I won’t know what to do,” don’t worry. Boudoir photography is for everyone, not just models. Plus size boudoir, especially, is about feeling good in your skin and owning it. It’s okay to start off shy. By the end of the shoot, you’ll be amazed at how natural it feels to let your inner model out.

A Gift to Remember

Thinking about a special someone? These photos can be a touching gift for them, but more importantly, they’re a gift for you. A gift of seeing yourself in a new light, of celebrating your journey and your body. And trust us, there’s nothing quite like seeing the look on your partner’s face when they see the confident, radiant you captured in these photos.

Preparing for Your Plus Size Boudoir Shoot

Getting ready for your plus size boudoir shoot is part of the fun. It’s a chance to think about how you want to show up in your photos – strong, soft, playful, or all of the above. Let’s walk through some tips to get you feeling prepared and excited.

Finding the Right Look

Clothes matter, but how they make you feel matters most. You want outfits that say ‘you’ and make you feel like a ten out of ten. Start with what you love. Got a boudoir outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks? That’s a great place to start. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here. Some folks go all out with corsets and garters, while others keep it simple with just a sheet. We go into more detail later. 

Creating a Mood Board

Ever heard of a mood board? It’s like a collage of pictures, colors, and anything else that inspires you. Putting one together can get you pumped for your shoot and give your photographer a peek into your vibe. Pull together images, quotes, and textures that speak to you. It’ll help both of you get on the same page about what you’re after.

Practice Makes Perfect

Standing in front of a camera might feel awkward at first. Why not practice a bit at home? Play around with poses and expressions in front of a mirror. Find your go-to sexy plus size poses that make you feel powerful and pretty. The more you practice, the more relaxed you’ll be on the day.

Pampering and Prepping

This shoot is all about you, so consider some extra self-care leading up to it. Maybe it’s a spa day, a new hairdo, or just a quiet evening with your favorite book. Whatever helps you feel calm and collected. Good sleep the night before and a light meal on the day can help you feel your best.

Communication is Key

Talk to your photographer. They’re there to make this experience amazing for you. Share your ideas, your mood board, and your hopes for the shoot. They’ll have lots of tips and will know how to guide you through the day.

Ready to get started? Grab that outfit that makes you feel unstoppable, gather your inspiration, and let’s plan a day that’s all about celebrating you. Your plus size boudoir photoshoot is going to be as unique and beautiful as you are.

Posing with Confidence

Now, let’s talk about the heart of your boudoir shoot – the poses. If you’re worried about how to work those angles, don’t be. You don’t need any experience to look amazing in your photos. Here are some tips to help you pose with confidence and let your inner diva shine through.

Embrace Your Favorite Features

We’ve all got parts of us we love, whether it’s your smile, your eyes, or those killer curves. Think about what you adore most about yourself and share that with your photographer. They’ll know how to highlight these features, ensuring the photos showcase what you love most about yourself.

Get Inspired

There’s no shortage of sexy plus size poses out there to inspire you. Look up some plus size models and influencers and notice how they pose. They know all the tricks to look relaxed, in control, and utterly gorgeous. You can totally borrow a page from their book!

Breath and Movement

Posing isn’t about being stiff and still. It’s about movement and feeling alive in your body. Take deep breaths, move gently, and settle into each pose with a little wiggle. This will help you find a natural position that feels good and looks great.

Use Props and Furniture

Chairs, couches, beds, and even curtains can be your best friends during a boudoir shoot. They give you something to interact with and can help you create dynamic, natural poses. Lean back, drape an arm, or play with your hair – props and furniture can help guide your body into flattering positions.

Laugh and Smile

Boudoir photos can be sultry, but they should also show your joy. Laughing naturally relaxes your body, gives you a genuine smile, and lights up your eyes. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke with your photographer or think of something funny. Joy is sexy!

Trust Your Photographer

Your photographer is your pose coach, too. They know how to make you look great, and they’ll guide you through the shoot. Trust their direction, even when it feels a bit awkward. They’re looking at the big picture and know what looks best through the camera.

Remember, confidence is the best outfit. Wear it and own it! Your plus size boudoir shoot is a safe space for you to express yourself and your body in all its glory. So, take a deep breath, strike a pose, and let the camera capture the incredible person you are.

Choosing Outfits That Celebrate You

Selecting the right outfits for your plus size boudoir photoshoot is like choosing the perfect accessories for a great night out—they should make you feel radiant, comfortable, and true to yourself. Here’s how you can pick the perfect plus size boudoir outfits that reflect your personal style and add to your confidence.

Fit is Everything

It’s not just about size—it’s about how it fits your unique shape. An outfit that fits well will make you feel secure and at ease, no matter the pose. So, opt for lingerie that hugs your curves just right, or a flowy piece that feels like a second skin.

Colors That Compliment

Think about colors that make you feel fabulous. Is there a shade that always earns you compliments or reflects your personality? Whether it’s a fiery red, a deep blue, or a soft pastel, choose colors that uplift you and add to your glow.

Textures and Layers

Play with different materials to add depth to your photos. Lace can be intricate and delicate, while silk can be smooth and lustrous. Don’t be afraid to layer up with a robe or sheer fabric to create movement and a touch of drama.

Personal Touches

Your plus size boudoir shoot is a personal affair, so feel free to incorporate elements that mean something to you. Maybe it’s a piece of jewelry from a loved one, a pair of shoes you absolutely adore, or even a hat that brings out your wild side. These personal touches can make your photos even more special.

Comfort Counts

If you don’t feel comfortable, it’ll show. So choose outfits that you feel good moving in. Remember, boudoir isn’t about fitting into a certain type of look—it’s about looking and feeling like the best version of yourself.

Trial Run at Home

Try on your outfits before the shoot day. Move around in them, sit down, stand up, and check out all angles. This will give you an idea of what to expect and help you move with confidence on the day of the shoot.

Keep Options Open

Bring a variety of outfits to the shoot. Sometimes what you thought would work best doesn’t feel right on the day, and that’s okay! Having options means you can switch things up and find something that feels perfect.

When you dress in what makes you feel like a superstar, it shines through in your photos. Your outfits should empower you to own every moment in front of the camera. With these tips in hand, you’re all set to select boudoir outfits that are as bold and unique as you are.

Capturing the Moment: Working with Your Photographer

When it comes to a plus size boudoir photoshoot, the synergy between you and your photographer is crucial. It’s their job to make you feel at ease and your job to communicate your vision. Here’s how you can work together to capture stunning plus size boudoir photos that you’ll treasure forever.

Open Dialogue

Before the camera even comes out, have a chat with your photographer. Talk about your expectations, any concerns you might have, and the styles you love. The more they understand about you, the better they can capture your essence.

Your Comfort is Key

Make sure to set your boundaries and communicate what you’re comfortable with. A professional photographer will respect your limits and still create beautiful, tasteful images that align with your vision.

Experiment with Emotions

A boudoir shoot isn’t just about looking good; it’s about conveying emotion. Work with your photographer to explore different moods—maybe you’ll start with playful and flirty, then move towards strong and fierce. Play with different facets of your personality to create a diverse portfolio of shots.

Feedback in Real-Time

Don’t hesitate to ask to see some of the shots during the session. This can give you an idea of how you’re doing and allow you to make adjustments. Plus, seeing a few great shots in-action can be a huge confidence booster!

Trust Their Expertise

Your photographer will likely have suggestions throughout the shoot. Trust their expertise, even if a pose or expression feels unnatural. Photographers know how to translate awkward-feeling poses into breathtaking photographs.

It’s a Collaboration

Remember, this photoshoot is a collaboration. Your photographer is there to guide you, but your input is invaluable. Share your ideas and be open to theirs—it’s this teamwork that will create truly memorable images.

Enjoy the Process

Lastly, remember to have fun. This is a unique experience, and it’s all about you. Enjoy the process of creating something beautiful, and let that joy shine through in your photos.

Working with your photographer should feel like a dance—fluid, synchronized, and expressive. With clear communication and a mutual understanding of the final vision, you’re all set for a plus size boudoir photoshoot that celebrates your individuality and captures your plus size beauty perfectly.

The Day of the Shoot: Embracing Your Shine

The day has arrived, and it’s time to step into the spotlight. Your boudoir shoot is more than just a series of photographs; it’s a celebration of you. Here’s how to make the most of this empowering experience and truly embrace your shine.

Set the Scene with Self-Care

Start your day with a routine that makes you feel good. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast, a light yoga session, or your favorite music playlist, create a positive vibe for the day. When you feel good on the inside, it reflects on the outside.

Arrive with Time to Spare

Rushing can frazzle your nerves. Plan to arrive a bit early so you can settle in, have a last-minute outfit check, and take a few deep breaths. Use this time to familiarize yourself with the space and the team who will be with you.

Make Comfort a Priority

Bring along a robe or a comfy cover-up to slip into between outfit changes. It’s also a good idea to have your favorite snacks and water on hand. Staying hydrated and energized is key to keeping your spirits high throughout the shoot.

Lean Into the Experience

There might be moments of self-consciousness, and that’s perfectly normal. Lean into the experience and remember why you’re there. With every click of the camera, you’re capturing a facet of your personality and beauty.

Communicate Throughout the Shoot

Keep the lines of communication open with your photographer. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or have a new idea, speak up. This day is all about you, and your photographer is there to support your vision.

Celebrate the Little Victories

Did you nail a pose? Enjoy a particular setup? Celebrate these little victories along the way. Each one is a step towards a gallery of beautiful images that you’ll look back on with pride.

Reflect on the Journey

Take a moment during the shoot to reflect on your journey to this day. Remember your strength, your beauty, and the reasons you chose to do this shoot. This is a chapter in your story that celebrates your confidence and self-love.

The day of your shoot is a day to shine in every way. It’s about enjoying the moment, living your beauty out loud, and capturing it in images that will reflect this chapter of your life for years to come. Embrace it fully and watch as your confidence unfolds beautifully on camera.

After the Shutter Closes: Cherishing Your Plus Size Boudoir Experience

The camera has been put away, the lights have dimmed, but the glow you’re feeling? That’s just getting started. Here’s how to continue cherishing the incredible experience of your plus size boudoir photoshoot and carry that empowered feeling with you.

Savor the Anticipation

Waiting for your photos can be the sweetest kind of anticipation. Allow yourself to feel excited about seeing the final images. It’s like waiting for the unveiling of a masterpiece where you are both the artist and the muse.

Reflect on Your Courage

Take some time to reflect on the bravery it took to step in front of the lens. You embraced vulnerability and celebrated your body in a society that often tells plus size individuals to do anything but. That’s not just bold; it’s revolutionary.

Plan for the Reveal

Think about how you’d like to first see your photos. Maybe you want to make an event of it, sitting down with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, taking the time to really see yourself through fresh, adoring eyes.

Share Your Story

If you feel comfortable, sharing your boudoir photos can be incredibly powerful. You never know who might be inspired by your confidence. Whether it’s with close friends, a partner, or your social media circle, your story can encourage others to find their own path to self-love.

Create Tangible Memories

Consider how you might like to display your favorite shots. Perhaps an album you can flip through, prints you can frame, or even a private gallery online. These photos are more than just images; they’re physical reminders of your self-affirmation.

Use This Experience as a Stepping Stone

Your plus size boudoir shoot can be a launching pad for further self-discovery and confidence-building. Let the positivity you’ve garnered here spill over into other areas of your life. Remember this feeling whenever you need a boost, and know that you can reclaim it anytime.

Continue the Journey of Self-Love

The journey doesn’t end when the shoot is over. Continue to find ways to celebrate and honor your body. This might be through daily affirmations, new experiences, or simply carrying the confidence you felt during the shoot into your everyday life.

Your plus-size boudoir photoshoot is a chapter in your larger journey of self-acceptance and love. Keep this chapter close to your heart as a reminder of your beauty, strength, and the unapologetic celebration of your body.

Ready to Embrace Your Unique Beauty?

Step into a world where your confidence shines and your beauty is celebrated in every frame. Join us for a transformative plus size boudoir photography experience that’s tailored just for you.

Book your session now and begin your journey of self-love and empowerment. Your story is beautiful, and it deserves to be told. Let’s capture it together!

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