I believe every woman deserves to see exactly how strong, beautiful, and sexy she truly is – I'm here to show you what others see and support on your journey to self-love and appreciation.

Empowering women through boudoir photography

A luxury boudoir portrait experience for any woman that wants to feel beautiful,
gain self confidence and feel empowered, at our Wenatchee studio.

A girl should be two things




~ Coco Chanel

What is Boudoir?

Boudoir is about embracing your isn't about seduction.

A boudoir experience isn’t just about the photos it's about building confidence, stripping away the pressures of everyday life to unleash your true self, power, feel more confident in your skin and proud of who you are. 

My goal is that you have fun, feel beautiful and confident throughout your session...and that carry's forward with you after your session ends. Each session is as unique as my clients. Age, weight, relationship status doesn't deserve to feel confident, worthy and beautiful. 

Do this for YOU - YOU deserve this!  

It's More than Beautiful Photos...

It's about Feeling Empowered.

Are you ready to feel




Luxury Studio

100% Female Staff & 100% Privacy

Professional Hair & Makeup

Prep Guide & Wardrobe Consultation

Photoshoot with Expert Posing & Lighting

Ordering & Viewing Appointment

100% Happiness Guarantee


Lynette is great! She’s knowledgeable in her art with exquisite attention to detail. She makes your experience special and personal. I highly recommend her for your memorable treasures.

Fabulous experience working with Lynette!

every session includes


What is a boudoir session like?
Exhilarating! For most of us, it takes a little warming up to get out of our heads & into our bodies. Eventually awkwardness subsides. Then that beautiful, brave & authentic you is revealed. You will be feeling amazing, empowered, confident and fierce.

Do you share my images?
No. Not unless you have given permission with a model release. We understand the very personal and intimate nature of these portraits, so this decision is yours to make, not ours. Of course, we always want you to feel free to share them, and by sharing them you can inspire other women to do these kinds of transformational self-love and confidence-boosting sessions, but the decision to do this is all yours. We understand that even if you want to share them that you may be bound by morality clauses where you work, so we would never want to jeopardize your job.

I am so nervous! Is this normal?
Of course it is! Nerves are all part of the experience! I always say that it would probably be weird if you WEREN’T nervous. The nervousness in the beginning of your shoot make your moment of “WOW” seeing your photos for the first so much better!

Do I have to wear lingerie?
Nope. There are so many ways to feel sexy.  We can make amazing sensual images with sweaters, cocktail dresses, scarves - really anything.  We can keep it as modest as you like.  If you prefer to go a more glamour route with a dress and a more Vanity Fair magazine style shoot, we can do that too. If you prefer to wear a man’s shirt, your partner’s favorite sport’s jersey, a big sweater, a ripped T-shirt and jeans, or nothing but a white sheet, we can do that too! The whole idea to help you look and feel beautiful and stay authentic to who you are. 

Do I bring my own lingerie, or do you provide the outfits?
If you choose to be photographed in lingerie you will need to bring your own to the photo shoot.  If you want to do a ‘white sheets’ look, I provide the sheets. Select outfits that suit your personality and body shape, and complement your skin tone. Once you book your session you will receive my planning guide with outfit ideas, suggestions, and recommendations of where to shop. You can get some ideas on my Pinterest page.

Is Hair and Make-Up included?
Professional hair and make-up is included in all of our boudoir shoots! I think it’s really important for you to feel pampered, and having your hair and makeup done is a great way to do that! Our amazing team can help you complete your look, whether that’s “I just woke up like this” or Full on glam! You can bring any ideas you want for your makeup and we can try to use it for inspiration!

I don’t know how to pose, will you help?
Absolutely! I coach you on how to pose with super easy-to-follow instructions from your facial expression down to the placement of your fingers. I will guide you through the process, and be there for you every step of the way, literally. I will mirror the pose for you , so I am right there with you posing.

Do you Photoshop my images?
All of your images will be viewed straight out of the camera during your ordering appointment. Any images you purchase will be edited. During our sales session we will discuss how much editing you would like done.  It is my goal for you to believe in your beauty, even without the retouch, so your ordering appointment is done without any retouching. Straight out of the camera.  

What types of products do you offer.
At your photo reveal, I will show you samples of our albums, folio boxes and metal prints. I offer beautiful crystal cover albums, as well as luxe albums that are imported from Canada. All albums are heirloom quality and will last a lifetime! Wall art is another popular product offered to our clients. I offer Metal prints, canvas and framed prints.

I am not sure I feel comfortable spending money on myself.
Investing in a personal experience like this is not something you do everyday. But it is an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime. On your journey of self love and acceptance, this is the time to explore and enjoy the person you are. You will cherish the experience, the images and the memories for the rest of your life.

Do you have payment plans?
We offer a few payment options! There is a booking retainer to book your shoot, once this is paid you are officially scheduled.  On product orders there are a few option: Synchrony financing, Affirm, and affinity.  We always want you to get what you want and to work within your budget.

Okay - I'm interested!! What's the next step?
To get the conversation started about YOUR dream boudoir shoot - fill out our contact form or give us a call!

Where is your studio located?
My boutique studio is located in beautiful, sunny, Wenatchee Washington located at 23 S Wenatchee Ave #111, Wenatchee, WA 98801  My studio is a beautiful space that is private and easy to get to.

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